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Wrapped up my last envelope order a couple of weeks ago. Although it's one of the most repetitive things I do, I actually quite enjoy it once I get in the flow. 
Unfortunately, I will no longer be offering envelope addressing to my US customers because I will be spending the majority of my time in Cambodia after the move. 
If you missed my last post, be sure to head over to the blog (linked in profile) to see the big changes coming to Letter & Adore in 2018!
I’ve been thinking about writing this post for months, but I wanted to wait until everything is settled before I give you an update. Well, as of this Monday, everything is squared away for our big move in February!! You see, it’s a little more complicated for a green card holder to move outside the US than just buying a plane ticket and packing up her life. You can read the full story linked in my profile. 
I also shared 3 big changes coming to Letter & Adore in 2018 that will allow me to serve you in a more focused and creative manner.
Here's your last chance to grab one or both of these 2017 milestone ornaments! I have one "our first home" and the black " our first Christmas" left. To claim, leave a comment with your email address! $15 shipped with Priority Mail this afternoon so it'll be delivered before Christmas. Feel free to tag your friends!
Lots of year-end inventory will be offered at 40% retail price tonight! End of Season Sale is starting at 6:00 pm Eastern. Link to join in bio!